What's the one thing that makes buying or selling a home simpler?

When buying or selling a home, no quality is more vital than clarity – the ability to make well-informed choices with confidence. Helping Main Line home buyers and sellers achieve clarity and fulfill their dreams is the mission of every Sage agent.


In 2003, real estate attorney Linda Walters launched the independent boutique realty firm Sage because she refused to follow common real estate practices counter to her clients' best interests. At Sage, we never compromise our agents' ability to do their absolute best for each client.


Achieving outstanding results and exceeding client expectations requires agents of exceptional knowledge, talent and commitment. Our luxury home specialists know Main Line neighborhoods and market values intimately, and share their expertise so that every Sage client can realize his or her goals.


Sage clients enjoy the same caliber of tools one expects from large corporate brands: customizable search tools, a large broker and buyer database, notices of homes for sale before they hit the market, alerts of new listings that meet your criteria, and expedited document management to streamline the sales process.

The Sage Satisfaction Guarantee

Everyone who buys or sells a home is entitled to an agent who can be relied upon to always put their interests first. At Sage, we state our responsibilities to our clients in writing, and pledge that our services are dedicated, transparent and confidence-inspiring:

Many standard realty contracts feature terms and conditions which can compromise a client’s options.
At Sage, our contracts and services are fully customized to satisfy your needs, preferences and best interests.

Agents in Pennsylvania may “double dip” – represent buyer and seller on the same sale – to collect two commissions.
Sage never works both sides. As your dedicated agent, there is no conflict of interest. You are our sole priority.

Some realty firms ask buyers to pay a fee – on top of the standard commission paid by the seller.
Sage will never charge a home buyer for our services.

Standard contracts commit you to one agent exclusively for months, regardless of performance.
At Sage, our buyers are always free to choose another agent or firm. And our sellers commit to significantly shorter exclusive listing periods.

Some firms have you use their title company or lender, leaving you little control over rates, terms or performance.
Sage never dictates which services you choose, and does not accept fees or perks for referring services to clients. We only recommend those whose demonstrated ability, fair fees and transparent practices merit our referral.

Many realty firms boast about how many homes they sell.
What does sales volume have to do with the caliber of service you enjoy? We’re not competing to sell the most homes. And you’ll never have to vie for your Sage agent’s attention. Your satisfaction is our single-minded goal.

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What they’re saying about Sage.

From appreciation to awe, Sage clients describe the exceptional knowledge, service and caring they’ve experienced.

“We always felt like the smartest guys in the room. Linda’s market knowledge, negotiating skill and candid advice made the process a breeze.”

JB, Wayne

“After months of searching, we found our dream home one week after meeting Linda. She guided us through a complicated purchase with attention to every detail. She’s amazing.”

Julia, Malvern
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