Our agent warned us against spending too much time looking at homes online. She wants us to go see them. Isn’t that a waste of our time?

Most home buyers today search online. The Sage website offers powerful tools for searching wide-ranging local homes and prices. However, photos do not begin to tell the whole story.

I've seen countless listings where the shots look great until you get to the house and realize that they were all taken with a wide angle lens to make the rooms look bigger. Or the house sits next to a factory. Or the ceilings are so low you can’t stand up. On the flip side, I've seen some really bad photos where the house was actually lovely. So don't eliminate a reasonably-priced house in the style you like, in a good location, without going to see it.

I suggest scheduling a call with your agent every few days to go over the homes you like online and see if she has any helpful information. Many agents will already have seen the house, or will know the builder’s reputation for quality. Having your own dedicated agent is smart and costs you nothing, so make the most of that expert resource.

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