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Good listeners. Dedicated guides. Caring people.

With so much to know and so many details to manage, it’s no wonder buyers and sellers who work with experienced Realtors® enjoy more satisfying experiences. Your peace of mind begins on this
very page, where we detail, in writing, the services we deliver.

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“When moving to a new area, finding a Realtor® who’s there for you from start to finish is a must. We can’t say enough great things about Linda and Sage Realty.”

J. and M. Kohari

“We relocated from Tokyo and needed to find a house in a month. Linda was always available. Her insightful opinions and keen observations of features we would have overlooked were very helpful.”

W. Fair, Paoli

Relocate with the Confidence of a Sage.

You’re there. We’re here. We’ve got it covered.

The relocation specialists at Sage understand the challenges of coordinating a long distance move. As experienced Main Line buyer’s agents, you can rely upon our local market knowledge and hands-on capabilities to meticulously manage your home-buying journey.

Expert Guidance for a Streamlined Search. 

To simplify your hunt for the right neighborhood, school district and home, we only select properties that satisfy your criteria, thoroughly research each choice, and bring a spirit of ease and confidence to a highly efficient home tour. The information and insights we provide help you focus on what matters, avoid costly mistakes, and confidently choose your ideal home.

Our discerning clients count on Sage to help them secure a great mortgage rate, draft a winning offer, and negotiate the best possible price and terms. From overseeing the home inspection and follow thru to coordinating a smooth closing, it’s reassuring to know that your dedicated, independent Sage agent will go the extra mile – even helping you find a temporary rental. Because Sage always puts your interests first. 

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