A Day in the Life of a Main Line Real Estate Agent Who Asks: Is Curb Appeal Overrated?

Linda Walters
October 24, 2019
October 24, 2019

This Main Line real estate agent knows that curb appeal is a topic most people feel they have a good grasp on. It is good, right? How much should a home buyer value curb appeal? Look at this house. Nice architectural features, good paint colors, some interesting landscaping. This is just the type of home most home buyers will elect to go see. And a good listing agent will put this shot on the public websites and its own site to attract buyers. But a good buyer’s agent will always look beyond curb appeal.

Fresh paint and flowers are a good initial indicator of the condition of a home, but NOT the only ones. Plenty of listing agents know to tell their sellers to do those things that will make the photos look good. Good buyer’s agents also know that such “fluff” is not always the full picture.

Many a home with good curb appeal has issues that need discussion. This beautiful Victorian will need regular paint jobs over its life—a very expensive proposition. Maybe the roof is on its last legs, or the heating system is outdated and inefficient. Those 1900’s bathrooms with old plumbing are oh so expensive to remodel. Replacement windows are one of the most expensive upgrades a home buyer may have to make, particularly if they are custom in style or shape. Or there are a hundred of them.

Find a Main Line agent who loves curb appeal, but no too much!

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