A Mainline Agent Recalls the Crazy Ones

Linda Walters
February 3, 2022
February 3, 2022

Recently, I saw a list of all the clients I have worked with since I started Sage Realty and I was surprised how many there had been!  Most were a real joy to work with, but a few provided unusual issues or incidents not easy to forget—like the time I showed a vacant house to a timid client who opened a bedroom door ahead of me to find a group of rabbits (known as a “fluffle”) scurrying around on the floor. I am not sure who was the most terrified—the client or the bunnies. We soldiered on, avoiding the deposits on the floor, and moved to the next room. I remember she did not buy that house!

Then there was the time I showed a couple a number of homes they had found on-line, most of which were not to their liking in person. I was of the impression (but should have checked) they were qualified to buy in the price range we were looking. At the end of the day, they expressed the need to have me evaluate their present home to gauge what it might net for them on a sale. I was not as familiar with where they lived as where they wanted to buy, so I declined to take any listing but said I would be happy to come to the home and give them tips of how to show it to its best advantage and a general range of prices for the neighborhood.

To be kind, let’s just say the house was in very poor shape and stuffed to the gills with knick-knacks, books, papers and what most people would call junk. Not sure where to start, I sat down in their living room after clearing off a space, and went over prices of homes that had sold near theirs. They were clearly unhappy, and certain their home would sell for significantly higher than the ones I cited. In fact, the wife was so incensed with the range I suggested, she threw a bottle of water in my direction-- in frustration, I guess. It was too close for comfort for me, though, and I politely excused myself and exited. Believe it or not, the husband called me shortly thereafter to say I needed to continue to help them look at houses. Good thing I could legally decline, having no obligation to them, but he was not convinced and hounded me for at least a week after that.

I also remember embarrassing moments. At a mid-day showing that I had correctly arranged with the listing agent, my young clients and I happened upon the owner’s teenage daughter and her boyfriend in an uncomfortable situation to say the least. We quickly left the home and I always wondered if I owed it to the agent and the owner to tell the truth about why we did not finish the showing.  The home was not a favorite for that client, so,  luckily, I did not have to explain anything.

I can think of many more episodes—the clients who fired me because I said I knew the listing agent as the mother of one my son’s classmates. They thought that was a conflict! Or the ones who asked me to go with them to the closet store to pick out closet organizers for their new home. Even though I couldn't do that, they still invited me for dinner after they moved in so I think there were no hard feelings.

But, having recalled those few, I can very honestly think of many, many wonderful clients who made and make my job as a Mainline Realtor a real pleasure every day.

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