Linda Walters
February 28, 2019
March 19, 2019

Sometimes being a Main Line Realtor® has a lot in common with my other profession-an attorney. That is especially true when changing hats from the Buyer agent side to the Listing agent side. Just like in lawyering, you have to be able to see both sides of the “case” to be able to represent your client well. The best results in both professions come when I keep in mind the needs and wants of the other side when negotiating.

That does not mean, of course, that this Main Line Realtor® gives things away that might be contrary to my client’s best interests. It does mean that I try to give the other side everything they want that costs my client very little. That way, I am more likely to get the important things for them. Of course, all of this involves a completely separate set of negotiations with my own client, who has the ultimate authority and whose buy-in I have to earn as part of the process. Who said this business is easy?

I also have to wear 2 hats when advising a listing client how best to market their home. Often, this involves explaining why they need to make the showings as easy as possible for the prospective buyers and, by extension, their agents. The other day, I set up 8 appointments for Main Line homes in geographic order with proper times in between each listing for the travel distances.

About 10 minutes later, one of the middle appointments (both in time and in geography) cancelled my preferred time and asked that I do the showing later in the afternoon (when I would be about 30 miles away in another county)! I almost just cancelled because the house was not one of the favorites and rearranging all the appointments was an arduous task. Instead I called the listing agent and explained my position. She kindly intervened and it turned out the owner was just worried about her dog getting out, which we were able to solve by my assuring her of my willingness to take extra care. It turned out to be a great house!

I will tell that story to my next listing client when they ask me to limit the times people can make appointments. It will be inconvenient at times, I will say, but you are trying to get as many people into your house as possible and that requires some sacrifices. Even though the market here on the Main Line is a seller’s market now, you cannot limit your exposure without reducing your chances to get the best price. Knowing the buyer side of the equation as well as I do helps me to explain that to the sellers.

Spring is quickly approaching here on the Main Line and I sense a busy season for Sage! I can’t wait to see what hats I will wear as a Main Line Realtor® and what deals I can make for my wonderful clients!

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