The Best Project for the Best Value

Linda Walters
February 13, 2020
February 13, 2020

As a Main Line Realtor®, I am often asked not just about buying or selling a home, but about the best way to add value to a home. Often, a past client will contact me before a renovation project to ask specific questions such as :  “Will a family room addition be something a buyer down the road will pay a lot for?” Or “Do I need a tub on the second floor?”  Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report is a good resource for the best investments for home projects. And I always tell clients not to renovate to the point that their house is the most expensive one in the neighborhood and to consider what joy they will gain from a particular renovation that might make it worthwhile despite the monetary return. If they have always wanted a back porch, why not add one unless they will be moving in the very near future.

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