Want to Sell Your House Faster and For More Money?

Linda Walters
October 7, 2021
October 13, 2021

(Have Someone Else Take the Photos)


According to a recent study, homes that were professionally photographed were up to 20% more likely to sell. In addition, they sold for up to $11,000 more and sold up to 23 days (or 35%) faster than homes that were not professionally photographed.

Having seen thousands of listings over my career, I can tell you that I have strong opinions about the types of photos that help a home sell well. Whether you use a professional, have the agent do it or try it yourself, here are some hard and fast rules:

      Never, never have a photo of a toilet.  Even a small bathroom can be photographed into a mirror or from an angle that does not feature the toilet. And don’t even get me started about toilet seats left in the UP position.

     Hide all cords. Today’s homes with all the electronics have lots of cords, even with wireless devices.  Some are just going to show, especially if the home is older and lacks receptacles.  Simply unplug the device and hide the cord before you shoot the photo. It is amazing how ugly and distracting those cords are in an otherwise beautifully designed room.

      Replace any flowered fabrics like bedspreads and curtains with solid colored one. Not only do these look out-of-date in photos, even when they look attractive in person, they interfere with the viewer’s appreciation for the other things in the room.

Photos are the first thing potential buyers see for a home on the market. Even before they check out the square footage and number of bedrooms, they look at the first few photos. If you capture the beauty and desirable features of the home with good photos, you are well on your way to a great result.


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