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A Day in the Life of a Main Line Realtor

Tough Day for sellers

It is almost closing day for my Main Line sellers, and most of the stress and drama is over for this Main Line Realtor®, although perhaps not really for the sellers. Anytime you are closing the “family home” to downsize, the process is somewhat sad. Many memories are associated with “things” in a home, so having to disperse those things can be very tough on folks.

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A Day in the Life of a Main Line Realtor

Making Showings Easy

Sometimes being a Main Line Realtor® has a lot in common with my other profession-an attorney. That is especially true when changing hats from the Buyer agent side to the Listing agent side. Just like in lawyering, you have to be able to see both sides of the “case” to be able to represent your client well.

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A Day in the Life of a Main Line Realtor

Multiple Offers

This Main Line Realtor® is singing the same blues again this month. Still not a lot of inventory out there and Spring has been taking its good ol’ time getting here! That means, of course, that buyers are competing for the same small group of homes. This means multiple offer situations and those require some skilled buyer representation, for sure.

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A Day in the Life of a Main Line Realtor

The Importance of Trust

Buying and selling Main Line luxury homes is unique in many ways, but like any real estate deal, success begins with an agent you can trust. As a Main Line Realtor, I know I’m lucky to be dealing with buyers and sellers who’ve found a terrific community to call home.

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A Day in the Life of a Main Line Realtor

Information for Main Line Home Buyers

Time to dust off some of my basic Main Line Realtor® skills, such as teaching home buyers about an area they know nothing about. It happens that I have 2 new clients moving here from other places with no real knowledge of the Main Line area other than its reputation. It was interesting to see how similarly the interview process went for each set of potential clients—although they were very dissimilar in their needs and wants.

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